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Lots of features, two buttons, and no phone necessary.

Play more and sync less.

Count your steps

Whether your running, walking, or just playing hard - make it count!

Eat food. Burn Calories.

Keep track of the calories you're burning while pushing that scooter to it's limits!

We're going the distance!

This cool watch keeps track of how far you've gone.  Maybe the next version will tell you how far you'll go? ;-)

The basics are covered.

We thought since it's a watch, it should display the date and time in addition to all it's features.

Don't be late!

Set a daily alarm to remind you that it's time to wake up, go play, go to school or head home from a friends house.

Time to recharge.

While you sleep and recharge your body, plug your cool watch in any USB outlet. However, this thing lasts days on a single charge.