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Meet The Cool Kids

We're young, ambitious, and cool kids.

Hadley H.

Obsessed with wearable technology and a fan of Shark Tank, Hadley embraced her passions, her knack for sales, and started  As a creative child and natural leader she started out by naming the watch colors some of her favorite flavors. From there it was about showing her friends how cool a simple smart watch could be. When she's not playing with the neighbor kids, attending school, or riding her bike, she's having board meetings and following-up on her company's day-to-day.

Shelby S.

If she's not tumbling, doing cartwheels, or playing dress-up, Shelby is paying close attention to the company's image.  She has strong opinions on how photos should be taken and in what light.  Naturally her eye and leadership skills deemed her an asset to the company.  

Luke S.

From the start, Luke was immediately interested with shipping and delivery of the watches.  It was as if his title - shipping manager - was printed on his t-shirt.  Speaking of t-shirts, this kid goes through a lot of them seems how he plays basketball, football, baseball, and soccer.  His energy and drive keeps us on our toes!

Parker H.

As the little brother of the CEO, his determination to be part of the company landed him a spot that ended up being an important role - product testing!  He is always getting into a mess, has the energy of 10 energizer bunnies, and knows how to play hard!  Not to mention, nags everyone if he has any problems whatsoever - with anything!  Nonetheless we love and appreciate him.  He's perfect for the job!